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Per-minute rates to Middle East

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    Per-minute rates to Middle East region rates updated 12/7/06- click Web links to verify current rates, fees:

    To look up phone numbers, click on country names below

        Bahrain Lebanon Syria United Arab Emirates Yemen
    Plan Country Code:
    973 961 963 971 967
    avail. in
    28 states
    39 fee per call***
    Plus 11.9% "Regulatory Assessment Fee."
    $0.39 $0.13/.26 $0.30/.40 $0.26/.40 $0.62
    DialUno Cerca 1010
    Register to get 1010 number**
    95 monthly fee

    2nd rate shown is to call mobile phones
    $0.40 $0.22/.40 $0.65 $0.46/.51 $0.34
    Plus LEC billing fee $0.59 $0.59 $0.69 $0.44 $0.77
    10-10-811 Plus $3.95/month $0.69/.71 $0.75/.84 $0.89 $0.55 $1.10
    10-10-220   $1.21 $1.90/1.99
    more to mobile
    more to mobile
    $1.00 $1.72/1.73
    more to mobile
    Compare regular long distance services to the dial-around services:
        Bahrain Lebanon Syria U.A.E Yemen
    PNG Long Distance
    PNG PowerDial
    A regular plan with
    99 monthly fee
    more to mobile++ Power Dial works like a 1010 number. Use from home, mobile phone or office.
    $0.26 $0.17/.31** $0.43/.45** $0.30 $0.24
    Get these same rates from your cell phone!
    PNG Power Dial also works from cell phones and office phones.

    ** With the DialUno Cerca 1010 plan, you must register any phone number you want to call from in order to get the correct rates.

    *** 10-10-719 .39 connect fee applies to new customers. 10-10-719 rates shown apply to new customers. For prior customers to switch rates, call Startec customer service.

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