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Other types of Long Distance Phone Plans

Updated 1/9/07

dial-1 plans for your home or business

Plans you sign up for as your regular long distance provider

Everdial Long Distance 4.9 state-to-state rate, 24hours 7 days a week. 30 second initial, 6 second increments. Excellent international rates, low in-state rates. NO MONTHLY MINIMUMS or FEES. A 99 Carrier Recovery Fee takes the place of the 3% Federal tax.

PNG Long Distance 3.9 rate applies all day, every day for state-to-state calls in the contiguous 48 states. Now has a 99 monthly fee. Awesome international rates: (rates to call landline phones shown -- check website for rates to call mobile phones) France 4.4, Germany 4.4, India from 15.3 - 20.2, Japan 5.5, Mexico from 4.5 - 13.1, Poland 5.3, Russia 3.6 - 8.1 , South Korea 4.9, Taiwan from 4.5, Thailand 9.5, U.K. 4.4.

PNG also offers stand-alone toll free service, local phone service, high speed internet and cellular plans with very low international rates and a referral plan. Service not available in Hawaii and Alaska. All calls to Hawaii and Alaska are 15.9 per minute. Visit   PNG Long Distance website for in-state rates, other info. and to order service.

Dialuno "Primero" 1 plus plan 3.8 rate applies 24 hours/7 days a week for all state-to-state calls. billed in 6 second increments Great international rates, especially to Mexico and South American countries. Toll free numbers available at no extra charge and will bill incoming at same rates. Primus Telecommunications, Inc does the billing and customer service, calls are carried on the MCI network and Alliance AT&T; network. A .95 Carrier Recovery Fee is added in any month the service is used. There is a minimal billing requirement of $5/month which means:If monthly usage totals less than $5, your bill will be adjusted to meet the $5 minimum.

ECG Long Distance 2.5 state-to-state rate if billed by E-bill only and credit card. Also billed in 6 second increments. ECG also has toll free numbers available at no extra charge and incoming billing at same rates. $0.59 per month regulatory recovery fee applies to each taxable account, requires EasyPay and EasyBill. EasyBill is ECG's paperless billing option that lets customers receive their monthly ECG bill online. EasyPay is ECG's paperless payment option that lets customers pay their monthly ECG bill electronically via credit/debit card or bank draft.
3.5 state-to-state rate if you wish a paper bill and/or pay by check or other method $0.59 per month regulatory recovery fee applies to each taxable account, plus paper bill processing fee of $2.50
ECG is available in approximately 80% of the country. When you request service, it will tell you if they don't serve your area.

Notes: Primus Telecommunications, Inc, carrier for Dialuno, Dialaround1010, Everdial, has been in business since 1990, and uses MCI network as well as Alliance AT&T; network. They have recently moved all customer service back to the U.S. (YAY!!!) and calls are generally answered pretty quickly. Also, when you sign up for one of the Primus plans, they get you hooked up very quickly.

PNG has been in business since 1992 and uses Qwest, Global Crossing and WILTEL as the underlying carriers. These are all Tier 1 carriers and we have been told all calls are routed over digital fiber optic networks. PNG also has 24 hour US based customer service and calls are often answered in under 1 minute.

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