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Some of the media coverage prior to 2003:

31 December 2002
Light Reading - Long Distance Rates Set to Soar
"MCI went from leading the industry into the abyss of low rates to leading it up the ladder of rate hikes," says Rich Sayers, editor of Phone-Bill-Alert.com.

31 December 2002
The Washington Times - Phone companies ring in new year with higher rates
Many consumers will ring up more long-distance charges beginning tomorrow.

31 December 2002
KOMO TV-4 and AM 1000 Seattle - Expect Long Distance Bills To Go Up
Sayers says, "it's basically a split market right now." You've got the big guys, AT&T;, Sprint, MCI and Qwest "that are definitely pushing upward" and you have some aggressive competitors "that are offering great deals, no fees and low rates, for the smart consumer."

31 December 2002
Los Angeles Times - State Gives SBC Right to Offer Long-Distance
The new SBC packages generally do not provide considerable savings over plans offered by major competitors, according to Rich Sayers, who runs a price-comparison Web site called 10-10PhoneRates.com.

31 December 2002
Contra Costa Times - SBC sets calling plans with long-distance in motion
But there's a catch, said Rich Sayers, a Martinez resident who runs the 10-10phonerates.com site. Once a caller exceeds the 200 minute block, the price goes up to 8 cents per minute. After the 500 minute block, it's 7 cents per minute. "That's a big increase," he said. "They expect people not to use the full amount. People who use the full amount, they'll bust them when they go over."

31 December 2002
The Miami Herald - BellSouth offers long-distance
Rich Sayers, who runs 10-10-PhonesRates.com, a website that analyzes long-distance calling plans, said many of the resellers, which are companies that buy large blocks of long-distance minutes from a major long-distance carrier such as AT&T; or WorldCom and offer the time in smaller chunks to consumers, still offer lower per-minute rates than the three long-distance carriers -- AT&T;, WorldCom's MCI unit and Sprint.

31 December 2002
The Orange County Register - Spelling out the ABCs of SBC's new long-distance offerings
SBC is less competitive in international rates, especially on calls to Mexico. For calls to Zone 2 in Mexico, the SuperMexico 300 plan requires that customers buy 300 minutes at 20 cents a minute. WorldxChange, which you can access by dialing 10-10-629 before calling the number, charges a flat rate of 17 cents a minute to Mexico Zone 2. Customers can buy as little as one minute, and the rate per minute is less than SBC. For details on WorldxChange and other international discounters, see www.10-10Phone Rates.com.

31 December 2002
San Diego Union-Tribune - SBC Service is OK'd, but with provisions
While the so-called buckets of minutes are aggressively priced, they might not be a great deal for all customers. "The one caveat is: Don't buy more than you can easily use," he said. In addition, if you go over the minute-limit, the price-per-minute goes up.

30 December 2002
KRON TV-Channel 4 San Francisco - SBC Launches Long-Distance Plan
Includes link to streaming video of the news segment!

Or if you want to avoid paying monthly fees altogether for your long distance service, you may want to look into 10-10- Dial Around rates.

28 December 2002
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - $20 reward put on news of phone rate increases
The editor of consumer Web sites that compare telephone rates and expose faults and follies of the telecommunications industry says he will pay consumers to alert him about increases in long-distance rates.

27 December 2002
USA Today - Long-distance bills headed upward in 2003
That's because phone companies have to raise more revenue to counter the effect of long-distance price wars and consumers turning to cell phones and e-mail. "I only see continued increases in long-distance rates," says Rich Sayers, who runs the Web site 10-10PhoneRates.com.
Note of clarification from Rich: The reporter asked me to comment on domestic long-distance rates from the "Big Three"-- AT&T;, MCI and Sprint. In that context, rates and fees are likely to continue upward. However, some international rates may go lower-- particularly with smaller, discount carriers. Some domestic rates may even go down with small carriers.

22 December 2002
Light Reading - RBOCs Get Long Distance Go-Ahead
"A lot of consumer groups have…legitimate concerns that this move could put them in a monopoly position," says Rich Sayers, editor and founder of 10-10PhoneRates.com, a telecom consumer Website.

22 November 2002
Contra Costa Times - MCI to hike most rates
"What they're going to take care of is their fat overhead and sleazy accounting problems," said Rich Sayers, a Martinez resident who runs the 10-10phonerates.com site, which compares phone prices.

22 November 2002
San Francisco Chronicle - Some MCI fees to rise -10 long-distance plans affected
Obviously, people are going to start shopping around," said Rich Sayers, a Martinez resident who runs 10-10phonerates.com, a Web site that helps consumers find information on telephone providers. "This will impact a lot of people," he said.

22 November 2002
Boston Globe - MCI hiking many rates up to 80%
Rich Sayers, editor of 10-10Phonerates.com, said the latest MCI increases as well as previous hikes this year mean virtually every one of the company's customers will experience some form of increase in 2002. Sayers said the MCI rate increases could fall particularly hard on consumers who make the occasional international call this holiday season.

19 November 2002
Sacramento Bee - Alice Jacobs column
The site includes price comparisons and clear explanations of usage guidelines as well as other useful tips and resources to help you save money on telephone services.

11 November 2002
Arizona Daily Star- MCI only telephone option for local area
Rich Sayers, editor of 10-10PhoneRates.com, which tracks so-called "dial-around" phone services, said some customers of The Neighborhood have complained about a $50 charge for Internet usage.
Note: story not linked to as site charges for archives.

31 October 2002
KRON TV-Channel 4 San Francisco, CA - How to Save Money on Long Distance
Includes a 3-minute streaming video of the news segment!

And some costs are increasing. Sayers says the popular 10-10-321 has gone up by as much as 80% and 10-10-345 doubled connection fees for each call from 15 to 30 cents. "Where this really comes into play is when you get an answer machine then hang up, or leave a short message," Rich says.

23 September 2002
Consumer Affairs.Com - What's the $411?
"Smart consumers can beat the phone companies at the rate increase game," says independent consumer advocate Rich Sayers of 10-10PhoneRates.com. Competitive long distance providers charge as little as 75 cents for 555-1212.

23 July 2002
San Jose Mercury New - State decision moves Pac Bell closer to offering long distance
Indeed, Pac Bell has little incentive to slash long-distance rates since it already has established relationships with customers through its local phone business, noted Rich Sayers, editor and founder of 10-10PhoneRates.com, a Web site that compares calling plans. ``Pacific Bell is in a powerful marketing position, so they don't have to offer the lowest prices,'' Sayers said.

9 July 2002
KRON TV-Channel 4 San Francisco, CA - Want to know what happens if Worldcom goes bankrupt?
A new website promises to give you the scoop first, [...] It's put out by consumer advocate and internet entrepreneur Rich Sayers, who is best known for his 10-10 phone rates website which tracks the best deals on dial-around long distance services.

6 July 2002
The Philadelphia Inquirer - Hang up on MCI? Not yet, anyway
A mixed view comes from Rich Sayers, a free-lance consumer advocate and founder of the Web site www.1010phonerates.com. Sayers says he would stick with MCI long distance but would be wary of the potential for disruptions in local service if things go from bad to worse.

May 2002
WFMY TV-Channel 2 Greensboro, NC -Phone Rate Comparisons
Recommends 10-10PhoneRates.com to "Find out where you can get the best deals on long distance phone service."

May 2002
Associated Press - Web sites help decipher long-distance deals
Article ran in many newspapers, including the Kansas City Star, The Baltimore Sun, The Buffalo News and The Repository (Canton, OH).

22 May 2002
News Channel 5 - WEWS, Cleveland, OH - 10-10 Services Offer Cheap Long-Distance Deals
A Web site called 1010phonerates.com does the homework for you and helps you compare those rates online.

9 May 2002
Knight Ridder Newspapers, including the Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News, etc. - How to save money on long distance
Those who want the absolutely lowest rates should consider so-called ``10-10'' services, where you have to dial a special access code. Take a look at 10-10PhoneRates.com to learn more.

22 April 2002
Consumer Affairs.Com - Consumer Site Reveals True Cost of Long-Distance Calls
Adapting to these trends in order to reveal the true total cost of phone calls, three-year old consumer help site 10-10PhoneRates.com is launching new database-driven Web tools to objectively compare costs of instate calls for all 50 states and D.C., as well as interstate and international calls to more than 200 countries and territories. Over a dozen popular dial around-plans are compared.

1 April 2002
Contra Costa Times - Technology costs creeping up
Maybe it's time to step back and look at where your money is going. 10-10phonerates.com Helps shoppers sort through dial-around phone plans.

31 March 2002
The Wall Street Journal - Several Sites Can Help You...
There are sections dealing with in-state, state-to-state, and international 10-10 long-distance service -- with detailed call-time comparisons -- and explanations of how each plan works and fees.

18 March 2002
San Francisco Chronicle - SPECIAL SECTION: TELECOM
Rich Sayers, who runs the Web site, says 1010 numbers let "consumers beat phone companies at their own game" by using different companies depending on the type of call.

18 March 2002
Consumer Affairs.Com - Long-Distance Gouging Alleged
Other casual user dial-around codes with rates as good or better than 10-10-345 include 10-10-629 by WorldxChange and 101-6868 by Pt-1. However, many consumers are not using the lower cost options. Industry data shows that one-third of households using their regular residential carrier to make international calls paid basic rates.

28 February 2002
San Francisco Chronicle - "FCC allows companies to post rate increases just on the Web"
Rich Sayers, who runs a Web site that allows consumers to compare telephone rates (www.1010phonerates.com), points out that telephone companies could change their policies any time. "It is not legally binding," Sayers said.

24 February 2002
Albuquerque Journal - Confusion Adds to Long-Distance Bills
Dial-around services may at first seem inconvenient, but you can put the code into your phone's memory and access the service with the push of a button.

11 February 2002
The Dollar Stretcher - Top 10 Tips for 10-10 Plans
While callers can get some of the lowest rates with good 10-10 codes, they must be alert to advertising offers that leave out key information.

7 February 2002
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Mixed reaction to AT&T; flat-rate long distance
"It's a way to compete with the wireless plans, but AT&T; is tying the consumer's hands by saying this is going to work only with other AT&T; customers," said Rich Sayers, editor of 10-10 PhoneRates.com, a Web site that provides long-distance calling information to consumers.

7 February 2002
The Oregonian - "AT&T; dialed 9-1-1 on Wednesday."
"Consumers should be careful not to be lured by the temptation of unlimited calling unless their current long-distance calls to other AT&T; customers is well over $20 anyway," Sayers said. "A lot of people are just too busy to spend the time to find out whether people are AT&T; customers."

7 February 2002
The Record, Bergen County - AT&T; rolling out new long-distance plan
Rich Sayers, editor and founder of 1010phonerates.com, said he thinks the plan might backfire on AT&T; because people who make less than $19.95 worth of calls each month - which he estimates to be about 4.5 hours - will shop around for better bargains, which include companies that offer less than five cents per minute with no monthly fee or dial-around plans.

7 February 2002
Consumer Affairs.Com AT&T;'s "New" Idea
"With AT&T; losing consumer accounts to cut-rate competitors, remaining customers may now become more aware of AT&T;'s eroding market share," said Rich Sayers [...]

28 January 2002
KOMO AM 1000 Seattle, WA Live interview on the ConsumerMan show by Herb Weisbaum.
Shared tips on how listeners can get lower long distance rates and beat the phone companies at their own game.

2 January 2002
Consumer Affairs.Com Big 3 Phone Companies Increase Rates, Fees
In a corporate game of follow the leader, AT&T; and Sprint are increasing basic long distance rates a month after MCI did the same. "They're trying to squeeze every penny they can out of customers," says consumer advocate Rich Sayers of rates comparison Web site 10-10PhoneRates.com.

27 December 2001
Los Angeles Times - Long-Distance Rates to Rise in New Year
Consumer groups and analysts say the increases signal an end to competitors' price wars. [...] "Phone companies like AT&T;, MCI and Qwest are very creative in finding new ways to squeeze money out of their customers," said Rich Sayers, editor of 10-10PhoneRates.com, a price-comparison Web site.

17 December 2001
The Dollar Stretcher - Holiday Calling Tips
"Infrequent long-distance users could use some helpful advice. Here are 10 tips to help consumers reduce household budgets by shaving dollars off phone bills. [...] "

2 December 2001
Gannett Newspapers - Save money with ‘10-10’ long-distance companies
"The site includes lots of valuable information, including consumer alerts, international rate plans and frequently asked questions."
This story by columnist Leonard Fischer also ran in the The Courier-Journal, Louisville KY; Daily Record, Morris County NJ; The Tennessean, Nashville TN.

15 November 2001
The Wall Street Journal - Digits Column
"If you're staying with relatives and don't want to use your calling card (it can carry a higher per-minute rate than a good long-distance plan), consider using a dial-around number. [...] Dial-around numbers are itemized separately on most bills. So when Aunt Sally's statement comes, "you can reimburse the amount due for that particular plan," and everyone ends the holidays happy, says Mr. Sayers."

2 November 2001
WJXT-Channel 4 Jacksonville, FL Shop Around For Best Long Distance Rates
Consumer Anchor Heather Van Nest recommends 1010PhoneRates.com.

15 October 2001
The Christian Science Monitor - Long-distance dialers: hang up on new fees
" [...] You can also use different dial plans, depending on your needs. For instance, one 10-10 service may offer good rates for calls in the US, while another is better for international calls. To compare these plans, visit www.1010PhoneRates.com."

7 August 2001
ABC TV 7, Denver "Call 7 for help"
" [...] 1010phonerates.com will help you compare dial-around numbers"
A similar story also ran on these stations: ABC 7, Chicago , WTTE 28 Ohio , WEAR TV, Pensacola, FL , WPVI 6, ABC Philadelphia.

27 July 2001
Consumer Affairs.Com - What the FCC Forgot to Tell Consumers
"Detariffing of long distance services is a complex issue, but it is not hard to get all of the key points across to the rate paying public," said Richard Sayers, editor of 10-10PhoneRates.com. [...]"

24 July 2001
The Canton (Ohio) Repository - Long-distance rates soon to be ‘uncovered’
"Some of the10-10s have no minimums, no monthly fees and low per-minute rates. [...] For a free rate comparison, go to: http://www.10-10phonerates.com "
This story by Washington Post syndicated columnist Jane Bryant Quinn also ran in the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Press , the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World , Contra Costa Times, and The Buffalo News.

19 July 2001
The Washington Post - Phone Rates To Be Directly Disclosed to Consumers
" [...] Some 10-10 services are cheaper than discount calling plans, depending on how you use them. But others are more expensive. For a rundown of these plans, see www.10-10phonerates.com"
This story also ran in: The Buffalo News,The Canton Repository , Contra Costa Times , The Macon Telegraph , The Olympian (Washington State) , Providence (Rhode Island) Journal , San Francisco Chronicle , St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Press,

9 July 2001
KRON-TV San Francisco Channel 4 News - "Dial for Savings"
" [...] "It pays to shop around and beat the phone companies at their own game," says Rich Sayers. Rich runs a web site called 10-10phonerates.com which provides one-stop shopping for consumers who want to check prices for dial arounds. "

15 May 2001
Newsbytes News Network Qwest rate hike hits occasional callers
"Rich Sayers, the founder of consumer advocacy site 10-10PhoneRates.com, said that Qwest has increased its effective calling rates on its 10-10-432 deal by up to 1,100 percent on some routes. [...]"

9 May 2001
KTRK-TV Houston ABC 13 Eyewitness News
"10-10-PhoneRates gives you side-by-side rate and fee comparisons of 12 different dial-around plans. The site also exposes gimmicks and hidden charges."

7 May 2001
Newsbytes (Washington Post Company) News Network Viatel's Chapter 11 Causes Long Distance Problems
"Richard Sayers, who operates the 10-10phonerates.com consumer advocacy Web site, told Newsbytes that most customers of Viatel's Econophone, Destia and VoiceNetUSA calling brands saw their long distance service cease late last week after Viatel filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. [...] "The timing of this problem for Viatel's U.S. customers is pretty bad, especially since it comes so close to Mother's Day - the very day when many occasional long distance service users are likely to make a long distance call," he said."

May 2001
Kiplinger's Retirement Report "Save on Calling Overseas"
"[10-10PhoneRates.com] ...is also handy if you're looking for an overseas phone number and don't want to pay your long-distance carrier for the information. Click on the country name and pull up the White- or Yellow Page directory. You could save as much as $8 a pop. [...] "

16 January 2001
San Diego Union-Tribune "Web drags telephone technology into the present through databases"
" People wishing to avoid their long-distance carrier can do so easily, without switching, by "dialing around" it. The many dial-around discount services typically start with the digits 10-10. "Shop around before you dial around," said Rich Sayers, who runs the site at http://www.10-10phonerates.com, designed to help people "with a phone bill of more than $10 a month, or who are mad at their long-distance service. [...] "

11 January 2001
The New York Times "Using the Web to Help Hapless Callers Cope"
" [...] "Shop around before you dial around," said Rich Sayers, who runs the site at www.10-10phonerates .com, designed to help people "with a phone bill of more than $10 a month, or who are mad at their long-distance service." .[...]
"One advantage of dial-around services is that people can use different companies for in-state, out-of- state and international calls."

4 August 2000
East Bay Business Times "Web site review" - overall rating: 4 on a scale of 5
"Content: @@@@@ Plenty of helpful information to be found here.[...]"

2 June 2000
HoustonChronicle.com "Hotlist: Telephones"
"10-10 Phone Rates -- [...] Get the real skinny here."

25 May 2000
Discount Long Distance Digest
"Bargains can be found for calls within the United States, as well. One plan offers a rate of 4 cents per minute with a 10-minute minimum per call. Visit http://10-10PhoneRates.com for more information. "

May 2000
MSN Money Central "8 ways to dial up savings on long-distance calls"
"Know the 1010 codes. [...] "

7 March 2000

25 February 2000
Quicken.com TV "Money Report" - carried on 53 TV stations
"Did you know the FCC suggests using 10-10 dial arounds or calling cards for people who make only a few long distance calls per month? [...] If you want to find a good 10-10 deal, Consumer Action told us that you should go to a web site called 1010Phonerates.com. [...]"

2 November 1999
The Motley Fool - Special "Financial Planning for the Next Thousand Years"
"Go to http://www.1010phonerates.com and look at all the price comparisons at your fingertips. [...]"

2 November 1999
The Billings Gazette - Digital Corner "Make 10-10 work for you"
"...competition keeps changing the rules, mostly to the consumer's advantage. To keep it all straight go to http://10-10PhoneRates.com [...]"

13 August 1999
The Washington Post "The 411 on 10-10"
"Skip the confusing and frequently silly advertisements (AT&T;'s "Lucky Dog," anyone?) for these proliferating "dial-around" companies and hit the 10-10PhoneRates Web site instead. [...]"

More Kudos:

24 May 2002
Recommended as part of a school Lesson Plan by Education World.

Sometime in 2002
Recommended as a source of 10-10 numbers to use as a work-around for connecting into teleconferences when other networks' circuits are busy, by Telebridge teleconferencing.

29 December 2001
Selected an "Internet Site of the Day" by the Canton Public Library

September 2001
Recommended in the "Consumer Help" section of Kiplinger's Retirement Report

July 2001
Selected for the "Resource Center" Phone Rates category on financial guru Suze Orman's site.

6 January 2000
Spotlight Award from ShoppingSpot.

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