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  • Area Codes, Country Codes, postal Zip Codes
  • U.S. Phone Books
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    When you click these links they will open in new browser windows. Return to this page by either 1) Clicking on the first browser window in your toolbar, or 2) Closing the new windows to reveal this window behind them.

    Top Recommendations

    FCC Consumer Information Directory - Overview of consumer information from the Federal Communications Commission. Links to a page where you can alert the FCC about a problem with a company providing interstate or international telephone-related services. If you have a complaint about in-state services, contact your State commission rather than the FCC. The Consumer Complaint Form link is near end of page, under "Other Consumer Information." Special note: Due to continuing irradiation of government postal mail and ensuing delays, you will get a faster response by communicating online with the FCC.

    State Utility Commission links When you have questions or concerns about regulation of telephone services or other utilities within your state, go to this page to find the Web site for your state.

    Find business and personal phone numbers with phone book sites. Much like the traditional phone book being transferred to the Internet, but with cool features such as maps and door-to-door directions! Sites have been tested and only the best are included below.

    U.S. Phone Books and City Guides Rankings and Feature Comparison Chart

    "Ease of Use" ratings of 1 to 5 points, with 5 being best.
    Note: Sites ranking below 3.5 are not shown here, only the best are listed

    Directory Name Ease of Use White pages Yellow pages Search by City Search by State Reverse lookup Email lookup Maps
    Verizon Superpages.com 5 X X X X X   X
    InfoSpace 4 X X X X X X X
    Yahoo! People Search 3.5 X X X X   X X
    CitySearch 5   X X X      

    SuperPages.com offers the most search options, from searching by street to searching the entire U.S. at once. SuperPages "print-friendly version" is great when you want to print results quickly and save ink. Their map interactivity is best as well. I strongly recommend this site.
    InfoSpace has pages that are cluttered and not as easy to use.
    Yahoo! white pages work fine, but the yellow pages leave some features unclear. Maps are not as good as SuperPages.
    Citysearch - When it comes to entertainment - movies, nightlife, restaurants, museums, etc. - my opinion is Citysearch is the best resource.


    Foreign Phone Books

    Links to foreign directories can be reached by clicking on the country names at top of the International Rates tables. We are always adding more foreign directories. Many of them are in English!

    Toll Free Directories

    We've tested numerous toll free number sources, and these two are the best so far:

    AnyWho- Toll free directory search.

    Internet 800 Directory- Directory of toll free, 800, 866, 877 and 888 listings of businesses by company, number and type of industry.

    Links to foreign directories can be reached by clicking on the country names at top of the International Rates tables. We are still adding more foreign directories. Many of them are in English!


    Area Codes, Country Codes, postal Zip Codes

    Country codes and dialing instructions to make international phone calls. You will also see comparisons for 13 different dial-around phone plans that allow you to instantly access low rates by dialing around your existing long distance carrier!

    Area Codes Information from NANPA- The official North American Numbering Plan Administration site. Alphabetical and numeric-ordered lists for U.S. and Canada.

    Table of U.S. Area Codes and Cities by LincMad. Area codes are listed by state and show the cities covered.

    ZIP +4 Code Look-up - United States Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup pages allow you to enter an address and find the ZIP code, or enter a ZIP code and find it's location.


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