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Save Time and money with rate comparisons of more than ten 10-10 and 10-x dial around phone plans. Avoid bad deals and compare cheap long distance services. Making calls with most 10-10 services does not require signing up or switching your regular long distance service. Dial the plan's seven-digit code ( such as 101-6868 or 10-10-719, for example), then the phone number you are calling. Since rates do change, bookmark this site or place it in your AOL favorites. It's a good idea to check back and compare who is offering the best deal for you.

Another way you can save money : Some dial around plans keep billing current customers old rates. When new, lower rates are offered to attract new customers, existing users still pay higher rates! By checking 10-10PhoneRates.com you will know to call a telephone company and ask them to switch your phone to lower rates.

Great Dial 1 Plans Here:
There are some new plans on this page featuring long distance calls as low as 2.5 cents per minute for state-to-state calls.

Good news for people making International Phone Calls: The DialAround 1010 service has lowered most international rates -- some by more than 30 percent! However, people who were already using the service before November should call Primus to inquire about getting switched to the lower rates. Our understanding is that Primus does not automatically switch prior users to lower rates.

CELL PHONE COMPARISONS ARE HERE! We have just added a comprehensive cell phone comparison schedule where you can find the phone, carrier and the plan you want at the absolute LOWEST PRICES. Check out our comparisons, go to the store and find the phone you want, come back and get the CHEAPEST prices with our special 1010 PhoneRates Discount Pricing

NEW CHANGES TO THE 1010Phonerates website. We hope you like the new, more user friendly version. Take a look around and please feel free to email us with your comments. Also, some comparisons and recommendations for Broadband phone and Wireless will be forthcoming shortly!
If you think there is an error or have any comments about this site (no commercial spam!) e-mail me. TO CONTACT A TELEPHONE COMPANY, their phone numbers are listed on the plan details page.

CONSUMER ALERT 10/8/07: 10-10-297 VARTEC now charges $5 per month service charge if there is any usage in that month.If $0 usage, then $0 bill. The 10-10-297 customer service number at (800) 708-7395

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